Competence that unites

The ability for combining networks, technologies and markets is the core competence of the GCC AG founded in 2006.
We assist our clients on a consultative basis worldwide by bringing the appropriate parties together and supporting them in the execution of business transactions. Based on an extensive network of excellent international business contacts GCC AG is able to oversee contractual relations in the field of commodities, such as oil, steel and cement.

One of our primary objectives is the development of concepts, project planning and the erection of geothermal power plants. Together with our strategic partners we offer the know-how necessary for the planning, realisation and long-term operation of projects in connection with water and energy technologies as well as geological and geo-technological plants. Furthermore, we accompany your projects as partners of owners, builders, governmental institutions, municipalities, architects, project planners for technical installations, and research institutes.

The close co-operation of GCC AG with the legal consultants and accountants of F.E.L.S. plays an important role in this connection as it means that experienced professional and neutral arbitrators and co-ordinators of the highest international reputation are available to attend to any legal or taxation aspects that might arise.
The establishment and fostering of international contacts with  administrative authorities in connection with the obtaining of building permissions and approvals, the arrangement of business contacts as well as the drafting and drawing up of contracts and the monitoring of their final execution can be competently supported by GCC AG on the basis of their broad international network.

Long standing contacts over many years with decision makers of international commerce and industry, politics and science have made GCC AG real insiders.